The problems caused by missing teeth :

It is easy to think that losing a tooth is not going to cause you any problems. But unfortunately the long-term consequences of tooth loss can be quite serious.


When you lose a tooth you may wonder what to do next. One of your thoughts is likely to be, why replace it?


Effects of Missing Tooth / Teeth:

  1. Difficulty in speech
  2. Difficulty in eating food / chewing. Thus, affecting the general health.
  3. Change in facial profile
  4. Bone loss in the area of missing teeth , gradually remaining teeth can become loose
  5. Difficult to clean and more at risk from decay.
  6. SHIFTING OF TEETH: Although the teeth are firmly attached to the jaw bone, they can nonetheless shift and move over time if a missing tooth / teeth are not replaced. This issue of shifting can be accelerated significantly with one or more missing teeth. The gap(s) create vast spaces into which adjacent teeth can shift. This shifting creates more space for other teeth to shift and, in a domino effect, the entire bite can be impacted,teeth may become tilted and crooked.
  1. BITE IRREGULARITIES: Missing one or more teeth can cause bite irregularities that impact the health of your remaining teeth, your gums, your head and neck, your jaw muscles and your jaw joint (temporomandibular joint). The manner in which the chewing surfaces of your teeth come together determines occlusion(your bite). Missing teeth can lead to shifting of the teeth, which can drastically impact how your teeth come together when you bite.

An improper bite (malocclusion) can lead to a variety of problems, including things like headaches, muscle pain, unnatural wearing of the teeth,tooth loss , sensitivity and evenTMJD. Orthodontics can help to correct malocclusion, but it can be an expensive and lengthy treatment process.

Missing teeth can actually affect your overall health and the health of your mouth. We tend to think about teeth as individual units, but in fact they make up a complete system. Teeth work together in harmony, and problems can occur when they don’t.


Hence, it is always advisable to immediately replace the missing tooth / teeth.

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